A report presented by Credit Suisse (2014) disclosed that 85 individuals on this planet had a combined wealth equivalent to that of 3.2 billion people. This reality existed even though the total global wealth had doubled since the year 2000.


Unfortunately, three years later, the situation remains the same. While the bottom half collectively own less than 1 percent of total wealth, the wealthiest top 10 percent own 89 percent of all global assets (Credit Suisse, 2016).


Numerous initiatives are being executed globally to cater to this growing inequality that the world is facing. One remarkably popular solution is Social Entrepreneurship!


Manifesting the wisdom of our fathers, we too have decided to venture into the abyss of social entrepreneurship to practice the art of teaching generations how to fish rather then preparing cooked meals for them. But instead of firing up our stoves or grabbing onto our fishing rods, we launched a PATANG!


Patang, the Urdu word for a kite, draws its roots from the Persian and Arabic language. For us, Patang embodies our spirit to fly high while consistently breaking old and exploring new limits.


PATANG is an online female fashion store that provides a creative space to artisans who are usually conveniently excluded from mainstream markets due to their limited financial access. The brand aims to build a bridge between the two worlds where these artisans learn and create unique designs that can be sold to customers on an international platform. The designs are influences and inspired by various cultures from around the world, hence bringing together a blend of fashionable products for all.


PATANG is about realizing dreams. Why do we emphasize on flying and dreaming because that’s what we want the world to do. We want them to dream, to leave behind their biases and explore the wonders of this world with an open heart, to love with all their heart and soul and to hold nothing back.


Our ambition is to create a platform for all sorts of artisans. It is not just a platform for working females. It’s a platform where you can live your dreams and create something magical through laughter and hard work.


PATANG is an idea that lives to transform the landscape of our world, to ignite the teachings of compassion and empathy, for a world with equal opportunities for all.


Join us for an adventure in the open skies while we explore new beginnings.

PATANG - Bridging Gaps 

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