Today numerous famous cafes around the world can be seen following the truck art theme. Its vibrant colors and unique patterns are a pleasure for ones eyes and it’s an art form, which is appreciated by all generations. 


Bringing a little bit of Pakistan to you!

Our first collection is inspired by the famous truck art which has its origins from South Asia. You will see lots of bold colours and designs crafted through hand embroideries done by our very hard working ladies at PATANG!

An art form like no other emerged in South Asia in late 1930s. ‘Truck Art’ as commonly known in Pakistan has become quiet well known around the world. It is a bold and vibrant art form that makes use of complex floral patterns and poetic calligraphy. Over the years it has evolved in the most innovative and radiant manner.



Truck art first appeared on trucks and lorries driven by Sikh transporters who would paint a portrait of their spiritual Gurus, or those who helped form the Sikh religion.The portraits were painted with the loudest of colours. Simultaneously, Muslim transporters and drivers began to paint portraits of famous Sufi saints on their trucks and lorries.

By 1947, the year Pakistan emerged as an independent country, truckers began to add more elements around the portraits of the Sufis, such as whole landscapes, flying horses, peacocks, etc. As the years passed Truck art kept evolving with more themes being explained in these vibrant color however it never faded away. This indigenous art-form became known to the developed world from the 1970s onwards when European and American tourists took back the photographs they had taken of heavily painted and decorated trucks and buses on the roads and streets of Pakistan.


From the late 1980s, the government of Pakistan and enterprising individuals began to organise truck art exhibitions abroad and by the early 2000s, the genre had established itself as an exciting and vibrant ‘folk art-form’ from Pakistan.



Present day mini bus in Karachi, Pakistan

Scooter in Paris inspired by Truck Art

A Pakistani Truck Art exhibition in the UK

As a tribute to Pakistani trucks, the talented Danish Artist, Adam Grabowski, created this stunningly colorful LEGO truck 

A tram in Australia with designs and decoration inspired by Pakistan's truck art 

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