Bringing a little bit of Pakistan to you!

Our first collection is inspired by the famous truck art which has its origins from South Asia. You will see lots of bold colours and designs crafted through hand embroideries done by our very hard working ladies at PATANG!

An art form like no other emerged in South Asia in late 1930s. ‘Truck Art’ as commonly known in Pakistan has become quiet well known around the world. It is a bold and vibrant art form that makes use of complex floral patterns and poetic calligraphy. Over the years it has evolved in the most innovative and radiant manner.


PATANG - Bridging Gaps 

A report presented by Credit Suisse (2014) disclosed that 85 individuals on this planet had a combined wealth equivalent to that of 3.2 billion people. This reality existed even though the total global wealth had doubled since the year 2000.


Unfortunately, three years later, the situation remains the same. While the bottom half collectively own less than 1 percent of total wealth, the wealthiest top 10 percent own 89 percent of all global assets (Credit Suisse, 2016).


Numerous initiatives are being executed globally to cater to this growing inequality that the world is facing. One remarkably popular solution is Social Entrepreneurship!


Manifesting the wisdom of our fathers, we too have decided to venture into the abyss of social entrepreneurship to practice the art of teaching generations how to fish rather then preparing cooked meals for them. But instead of firing up our stoves or grabbing onto our fishing rods, we launched a PATANG!

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