The string of PATANG is in the capable hands of two ladies who have joined their expertise together to form a social enterprise with a twist.


Poles apart from one another their uniqueness and keenness towards their work sets them apart from the rest. One plays with colors and the other with numbers. One draws the figures and other joins together complex pieces to bring about a structure. Together they are the perfect duo with their diverse pool of expertise. The artist cannot exist without the realist and the realist cannot exist without the artist. Both these young UK graduates have decided to spread the flavour of their culture around the globe with a touch of empathy.


While doing their own respected jobs the idea of opening a social enterprise brewed in the minds of this talented duo and was being discussed over countless Skype sessions and emails. They were looking for something, which was not just challenging for them but would also bring about a sense of pride and ownership in others. It was during this time that they happened to stumble upon a local rural community situated deep within the Old Town of Rawalpindi which is the twin city of Pakistan’s ever green capital Islamabad. The community boasted about its talented females who could make awestricken embroidered patterns with just a few twitches of their fingers. The duo knew they had stumbled upon what they were looking for. They would work with these Pakistani women, who are highly skilled when it comes to art and fashion but unfortunately didn’t have a platform that would let them showcase their abilities.


PATANG would act as that platform. It has created a vocational training facility in that very town where these females master their skills by learning from one another and experts. PATANG ensures that their hard work is recognised and appreciated by the world, which leads into economic uplifting of these females.


As you breeze through a vibrant range of articles, pay attention to the intricate embroidery done by these females and remember every stitch has been threaded with a lot of love and hope by our very special PATANG females.

The dream of PATANG

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