Mother to three girls, Nazma is the sole bread earner of her family. Her day job is to clean a school, which provides free and quality education to children who belong to underserved families. In the evenings she crafts/embellishes garments with mirrors and other accessories, which lifts up the mood of the garment and also bring color to her own life. Orphaned at a very young age, Nazma got married when she was 16 years old. Nazma may have a lot of domestic issues in her life but her laugh is so contagious that it lightens up the mood of our creative workshop. She’s always feeding us with food and tea and makes sure that everybody is energetic and happy.

Watch out for some garments beautifully embellished by Nazma especially for you!

Team Behind PATANG

Maryam is our workshop manager, supervises the rest of the team and ensures the timely delivery of tasks. Highly responsible, Maryam has an eye of quality and accuracy. She never compromises on any mediocre job and makes sure that her team delivers the best. And for that she will go out of her way to provide the right material and bring in experts to train her team.


At age 43, she really enjoys managing her team and makes sure their motivation and morale is always high. Maryam loves to manage, supervise and coordinated the activities in the workshop. 

Naheed is a mother of four daughter and works as a tuition teacher to contribute to her household income. She loves stitching and embroidery and never hesitates to learn something new. She’s always laughing and joking with her team members and always lighten ups the mood of the workshop.


She is inflicted with skin disease and can hardly afford medical care. By utilising her passion in embroidery and stitching she manages to bridge the gap of her household earnings.

Saira is 22 years old. Her father passed when she was a little girl. Sister to three brothers, Saira has taken her destiny in her own hands. She is an expert in crafting clothes and finishing them into final products. She loves to experiment and explore different patterns.


In addition to this, she also works as a beautician. This multitalented girl is part of our PATANG family. Introvert by nature, she has quiet personality and is always indulged in her work.

Tanveer, mother of five, is an expert in pattern making. She has been stitching clothes since past 20 years. Furthermore, she can design and create knitwear and embroidered pieces.


She’s always busy exploring and understanding complicated designs and takes them as a challenge. Tanveer has two daughters and three sons.

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