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April 6, 2017

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April 6, 2017

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June 4, 2018

Class divide is an unfortunate reality in all parts of the world. Recent reports indicate more than half of global wealth is accumulated in the hands of only 1% of the world population of which approximately half, lives under the poverty line. This is further exacerbated by creating class divides among masses where the upper half is oblivious to the hardships of lower half and treat them like props while sharing the same neighborhoods. Discrimination based on race, creed, color and ethnicity is already affecting millions of lives in terms of unequal economics and education opportunities.


We all see unethical marketing and advertising on a daily basis. Using certain people as props, other times projecting an extremely elitist mindset and ignoring the basic value of equality.


In this campaign, we have highlighted the class divide by switching the roles we traditionally categorise as the “upper” and “lower” class of people. This campaign is not targeting anyone but simple challenging the ethics of marketing world. We tried to flips roles to give our audience a different perspective. Finally we have envisioned a world with equality and no class divide. What a beautiful world that is!


Under my umbrella  

Stand by my side and I’ll take care of you

I won’t let you burn under the sun

I’ll be the shade for you

Stand beside me, I won’t leave your hand.  

Don’t stand behind me to serve me  

Walk with me and we will figure out the journey together.


Fanning you is my pride

You spend hours working in this heat  

And hardly receive any appreciation  

Let me take away all your grievances  

Let me fan for you  

Let me hold that water for you


Amidst all this chaos

There’s you and and there’s me

Let’s switch roles for a change

Where you are me

And I’m you

Where I can feel your pain

And you can have my comfort


Let’s imagine a world with no division  

No borders and no boundaries  

No class division and no inequality  

Where we all work together with peace and harmony  

What a beautiful world that is!  


ACCEPTANCE- it is okay to be uncomfortable. It is okay to accept it. It is okay to sit and ponder with the feeling. And then let it go. Let it go and feel as light as a patang (kite) on the first day of spring. Accept all.


And there I met this wonderful person  

Unjustly secluded from our society  

Having coffee with her was a delight  

Whilst a new sight for the passer-byes

Let’s break these artificial barriers  

And convert this into a normal sight  

Let’s say no to class divide



Happiness. Grief. Laughter. Tears. Success. Defeat. Amazed. Confused. Determined. Angry. Eager. Frustrated. Silly. Sad. Joy. HOPE.  Regardless of our skin color, gender, religion, political beliefs, nationality, self proclaimed social class- we all feel the same emotions. When we all feel the same then why do we discriminate between me and you? Let’s be silly together and watch the world transform into a beautiful place.


EQUALITY- an 8 letter word that has been heard to swallow since the inception of mankind. It shouldn’t be. It’s a simple necessity like gravity reminds us that we all need to be close to our cores. Let go off your egos. Off your pride. And emerge as a new human being listening just to your heart.


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