Cultural Inspiration

So come fly with us and become a part of our very special PATANG family  

Living in a culturally rich and globalised world, together, we have set out to explore and seek inspiration from various traditional and contemporary fashion styles to create the perfect blend of fashionable products for our beloved customers.  

Social Inspiration

PATANG started as an idea to provide a social platform to incredibly talented females highly skilled in hand embroidery and stitching. These females form an essential part of our PATANG family and their passion and resilience is an inspiration for us. Their intricate hand woven designs are done with immense hard work and genuine love. We at PATANG take it upon ourselves to bring forward the work of these artisans on an international platform.

The Meaning 

PATANG, the Urdu word for a kite, draws its roots from the Persian and Arabic language. For us, PATANG embodies our spirit to fly high while consistently breaking old and exploring new limits.


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